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Battlefield Falconry Centre

Battlefield Falconry Centre have over 30 different birds of prey to see including some wonderful species of Owls, Falcons and Hawks, Steppe Eagle and a Great Grey Owl which are fabulous to see.Battlefield Falconry Centre offers a wide range of activities with the number one being Hawks on Walks where you walk through woodland on the Albrighton Estate at Battlefield accompanied with a falconer and a Harris Hawk which will fly with you through out the walk.

Battlefield Falconry Centre is a 35 minute drive from Sweeney Hall Hotel.

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Things are changing at Sweeney Hall…

Did you know that this is our 25th year at Sweeney Hall… and what an amazing 25 years we’ve had!

As part of our 25th year celebrations, we’re making some changes at Sweeney Hall, which we’d love to share with you.

We’ve got some fabulous new branding, and a new name also!

We’ll also be launching a new website soon, where we’ll be promoting all of the activities we have planned over the coming months – read on to find out more.

Love from ‘The Sweeney’

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